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Welcome to the Brookfield, CT

Baseball and Softball

'Frequently Asked Questions'!


What is the BBSA?

The Brookfield Baseball and Softball Association (BBSA) is the Brookfield, Connecticut town baseball and softball program.

It is run by volunteers and is a member of the Connecticut Babe Ruth League.


When does the BBSA play its seasons?

Both our baseball and softball programs have 'Rec' Spring and Fall seasons.  The Spring season approximately runs from early April to early/mid June. The Fall season runs from early September through October. Our travel teams' primary season is June and July, but can involve games/events all year long, depending on the team.


What are the Rec programs?

Our Rec programs are open to all Brookfield residents, regardless of experience or ability. If enough teams are available, we keep the games within Brookfield, but to provide a variety of opponents, we may play games against neighboring towns' Rec teams. For info about specific age groups/leagues, look under the "Spring/Fall Leagues" menu.


What is the Travel program?

The BBSA fields travel teams depending on player and coaching interest. These teams are competitive and involve a tryout in order to make the team. Visit HERE for more info about our travel teams.


What age groups does the BBSA involve?

We have baseball leagues for ages 4 through 15, and softball Rec leagues for ages 4 through 12. Softball uses December 31st to determine age and baseball uses April 30th. The age cutoffs and league ages are set by the national Babe Ruth program. Visit HERE to see the current league ages.


How much does the BBSA cost?

We keep costs as low as possible. During Rec league registration, the cost will be displayed for each league. Fees are used for team shirts/hats, catcher's gear, balls, umpires, field maintenance, trash and porta-potties, insurance, and other league expenses.

Travel team costs varies significantly and depends on many factors. When tryouts are announced, please contact the coach listed to get an approximate cost for the team.


Who are the BBSA coaches?

BBSA coaches are volunteers. The BBSA board approves all coaches, and they must pass a Babe Ruth baseball/softball training program as well as a biannual abuse prevention program and background check.


Where does the BBSA play?

If enough Brookfield teams are available, our Rec programs will be fully within Brookfield, but to provide a variety of opponents, we may schedule games against other nearby town programs.

Brookfield has 4 softball fields. Generally our younger programs play at the Saint Joe's field and our older teams play at the Brookfield Town Hall field. We also play some games at the Cadigan field (the adult league has priority at this field) and the Brookfield High School field (The BHS teams have priority for this field).

Brookfield has 2 youth baseball fields (60 foot bases) located at Whisconier Middle School. These fields are used by our Clinic, Rookies and Minors Rec leagues as well as the 7 to 10 year old travel teams.

Brookfield has 1 intermediate baseball field (70 foot bases) located on Grays Bridge road. This field is used by our Majors Rec league and our 11-12 year old travel teams.

Brookfield has 1 full sized baseball field (90 foot bases) located at the Brookfield High School. Our Babe Ruth teams use this field as well as our 13 and older travel teams. The Brookfield High School teams have priority use of this field and we must also share it with adult and any other youth leagues.

Visit HERE to see the location of the fields.


What time are the games/practices?

As with most youth programs, this is difficult to answer ahead of time. Due to a limited number of town fields, and until we know how many teams in each league are needed for the number of players that register, we can't be sure of what days/times a particular team will play. We do try to create a schedule as early as possible and will let players/families know so that plans can be made. A general idea of how often teams play is under each league in the "Spring/Fall Leagues" menu.


Can I request a coach, or to be on the same team as another player?

There is a place during registration to enter a request. We do appreciate and try to honor requests, but due to many factors, it is not always possible.


What equipment do I need?

Check the appropriate league under the "Spring/Fall Leagues" menu to see what is required for specific age groups.

Click HERE to see rules about what bats are allowed at the various age groups.

Click HERE for other equipment rules.

There are many online locations to purchase baseball/softball equipment.

Dick's Sporting Goods at the Danbury Mall is the primary local location.

Ask friends who have older players if they have any used equipment. Bats, cleats and pants tend to be out-grown before they are worn out!


Who can I contact if I have other questions?

Click HERE!