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The BBSA hosts travel baseball and softball teams from ages 8 up to 18 based on player and coaching interest.


Travel teams are competative and are seperate from our Fall and Spring programs. Travel team players (who are not in high school) must also participate in our Spring rec program.


Teams are selected through a tryout that generally occurs in the late Summer or Fall, but some may be held during the early Spring. Independant evaluators are used to ensure fairness. Notification of tryouts will be posted on the BBSA web page. 


B teams can be created if there is enough player/coach interest.

Travel team coaches are approved by the BBSA board.


The primary travel season is during June and July, but each team designs its own season, and may or may not include Fall games and practices, Winter workouts, Spring games and practices, overnight tournaments and other events. This variety of options allows each team to choose the level of competition and time commitment that fits their needs. Cost depends on how many games are played, what facilities are used, leagues and tournamets as well as uniforms and other equipment. For specifics about what a team's plans are, please email the coach or contact listed during the tryout announcement.


If you have any questions about the travel team programs, please email the BBSA under the Contacts menu.