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Rookies Division (7-8 Year Olds)

BBSA Softball Rookie League: is an instructional league for 7 and 8 year olds (cut-off January 1st), not a competitive league and the goal of teaching the basic skills and fundamentals of baseball. The league will not track wins and losses or keep league standings. Game score will be kept for the purpose of tracking innings.
The primary focus of the league will be on teaching, learning and enjoying the game of baseball. 

Rookie League Goals 
It is BBSA  desire for players in the Rookie league to achieve the following: 

• Learn and understand the basic rules and fundamentals of baseball. 
• Gain a sense of achievement through improving their fundamental baseball skills. 
• Value good sportsmanship by demonstrating respect for BBSA facilities, the coaches & assistants, teammates, opponents, their equipment and themselves. 
• Be ready for the next level of baseball or softball when the time comes. 
• Have a desire to play again! 

Season Overview: Typically, 10 games are scheduled which are played predominantly on weekends with a few weekday games thrown in. Games are 6 innings with a 1½ hour time limit. 

Players are assigned to a team in mid to late March and the head coach will contact you via email or phone. Practices are held at the discretion of the head coach, but usually are limited to once per week.