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Minors Division (9-10 Year Olds)

BBSA Minors League: The goal of this league is to continue players advancement in their skill and understanding of the game of baseball. Players pitch from a 46 foot distance with 60 foot bases. As an instructional league, coaches will continue to focus on teaching the fundamentals, teamwork, good sportsmanship and positive reinforcement. Although competition is important, it is secondary to providing players with an excellent foundation and appreciation for the game. Teams will be selected through a draft. Most players have played in previous leagues, but there are some players where this league is their first experience with baseball. Safety is our number one priority. Once the season starts, coaches are expected to perpetually evaluate each players skills and developmental opportunities. As such, players will experience positions that are consistent with their progress to avoid unnecessary risk of injury. 

Season Overview: Games/Practices will generally be on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, with an occasional weekday game. Each team will have one weekday practice. The Spring season runs from early/mid April through early June. The Spring season will conclude with a playoff. The Fall season runs from early September through October. 

Equipment: In addition to the facilities, BBSA will provide players with a jersey and hat. Players are expected to have their own glove, helmet and will need to wear baseball pants. Individual player’s bats are optional. Rubber/plastic cleats are highly recommended.