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Rookies Division (7-8 Year Olds)

BBSA Rookie League: The goal for this league is to be an instructional league for 7-8 year olds. The focus will be on teaching, learning and enjoying the game of baseball. Some rules of the game have been modified and a spring loaded pitching machine is used to support the goal of teaching the basic skills and fundamentals of baseball. Game score will be kept for the purpose of tracking innings, but wins are losses are not kept and there is no league standings. While players may have already participated in the younger Clinic league, many players in the Rookies league are playing baseball for the first time.

Rookie League Goals 
It is BBSA desire for players in the Rookie league to achieve the following: 

• Learn and understand the basic rules and fundamentals of baseball. 
• Gain a sense of achievement through improving their fundamental baseball skills. 
• Value good sportsmanship by demonstrating respect for BBSA facilities, the coaches & assistants, teammates, opponents, their equipment and themselves. 
• Be ready for the next level of baseball when the time comes. 
• Have a desire to play again! 

Season Overview: Games are usually played on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons. Games are 6 innings with a 1½ hour time limit. Each team will have 1 weekday practice The Spring season runs from early/mid April through mid June. The Fall season runs from early September through October. Teams are created through a daft so that each team can be competative with a mix of experienced and new players.

Equipment: In addition to the facilities, BBSA will provide players with a jersey and hat. Players that are new to the BBSA will also receive a helmet. Each team will have bats available. Players are expected to have their own glove, and will need to wear baseball pants. Individual player’s bats are optional. Cleats are recommended (must be rubber/plastic).