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Safety Guidelines

The guidelines that Babe Ruth has published can be found


here; http://www.baberuthleague.org/media/317863/BRL.CV19%20PLAN_5.15.20.pdf

These are suggested guidelines but should be followed if at all possible.


7/11 Baseball Clinics Moved to 7/12 at 2:00

To get the players some baseball this summer, now that the league has access to the fields, we decided to run six clinics this summer. The clinics are being conducted by three players from the Brookfield HS team. The clinics are free , the league requires that parents sign two waivers, the BBSA Waiver in addition to the town wiaver . The league does require that the players follow the Covid precautions.

The dates and the times are listed below

7/8  Wednesday 6:00 Postponed due to rain to be rescheduled

7/11 Saturday 9:00 Postponed New Time and Date 7/12/20 at Grey's Bridge at 3:00 PM

7/16  Thursday 6:0

7/18  Saturday 9:00

7/23  Thursday 6:00

7/26  Sunday 1:30

The player does not have to attend all clinics , all clincs are being conducted at Huckleberry Hill School Field

Please email back if you are interested , we need to get a headcount.

Hope to see every one on the field 

Steve Harding




by posted 07/02/2020
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